Haul Outs:

There is a minimum charge based on a vessel of 25′ in length

  • Travel Lift:
    • Up to 39′:   $13.00/ft
    • 40′ to 49′:   $16.00/ft
    • 50′ and Up:  $18.00/ft
  • Elevator Lift:
    • Flat Rate:  $18.00/ft

Please note: If your vessel has excessive marine growth or should it be necessary to remove items such as antennas to facilitate lifting, additional charges will apply based on our general labor rate.

Bottom Painting:

Our crew will prepare the vessel’s bottom for rolling on the paint by masking the waterline and protecting the impellers and transducers from paint.  The rate is based on one coat of paint but does not include materials, nor does it include any preparation work.  There is a minimum charge based on a vessel of 25′ in length.

  • Up to 39′:   $12.00/ft
  • 40″ and Up:   $15.00/ft

Yard Rates:

  • General Labor:  $105.00/hour
  • Mechanical:  $120.00/hour
  • Bottom Paint Prep:  $100.00/hour
  • Travel Lift Operation:  $250.00/hour
  • Pressure Wash Bottom:   $175.00/boat

Boat Storage:

All storage fees are applicable if you are a “do it yourself” customer. The day you are hauled and the day you are launched are counted as one day regardless of time hauled or launched. Customers are asking to pick up their vessels within 24 hours of launching or pay daily berthing fees commencing the day of launching.

Daily Storage in Yard or Berthed:

  • Up to 35′:   $20.00/day
  • Over 35′:    $25.00/day